Thursday, November 25, 2010

Danny Boy

Oh Danny boy. Please stay, please stay. Don't leave us.
They don't care about our island in the sea.
With you going, who must, who must,
Our hero be?

Is it true?
The leaving of our pink, white and green team?
Please return and bring back with you,
Your pride and vision for the Newfoundland dream.

And if you leave us in a fortnight,
Without a leader to wade into battle,
We will fight for our right,
And the cage we will rattle.

We hope to hear,
Your love for our good name,
The snarl at fear,
And only our flag will remain.

So we wait, we wait,
For your return.
From St. John's to Twillingate,
The candle will burn.

Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, we love you so.

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Unknown said...

Where ARE you?